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We invite you to celebrate your marriage in St Paul’s. the Chaplain will officiate at this solemn and joyful event as you begin your life together, with the option of beautiful music.

Please note that Monaco law requires a civil service before the church ceremony. Simply contact the Chaplain to discuss your wedding.


A Baptism (also known as a Christening) is a public declaration of faith, usually made on behalf of an infant by adult  sponsors (or godparents). However, people of any age can profess their faith in Jesus Christ through Baptism, which is performed by the Chaplain. This ceremony is also an official welcome into the church family, taking place during a Sunday service of Holy Communion.


The Chaplain is committed to the pastoral care of the bereaved when they experience the loss of a friend or family member. He is also available to conduct funeral services, either in Church, at the Crematorium or another suitable location.

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